Ramifications of the Mind I: Au Contraire

He had placed his desk against the solitary wall, lit only by the light of a single desk lamp. This far north, summers were long but winter nights even longer. Even with the aurora borealis shimmering gloriously through the glass rooftop, additional light was more than a luxury.

The office had become a place of contemplation, a place to ponder over the meaning of life and death and what would happen if either one would be taken out of the picture. Lester often considered the most meaningful thing to be life itself, concluding death was a mere side product that walked hand in hand with the development and thus deterioration of cells.

His research into immortality, the elimination of death, was not solely property of his company, though. Many a great mind bit off more than they could chew throughout the entire human existence. Yet no matter how sophisticated the research, considering the body temporary and the mind eternal, was all the greatest minds ever achieved.

Lester smiled as he scribbled down his notes. He couldn’t disagree more with the statement. To his knowledge, the body, too, could be immortal. If only there was a way to stop cells from degenerating. His eyes moved to a white cloth spread over the table behind him… covering up a cadaver with its elegant folds.

Rising from his chair, he walked closer and rested his hand on the chest of a lifeless man. His other he used to touch the wires, thick cables and cords of fiberglass draping down from underneath the shroud where the head was rested onto a pillow of concrete.

“Scan complete.” It was a female voice, cold and metallic, without resonance.

“Thank you, HELA.” Lester’s eyes flitted to the computer screen in the top corner of the lab. “Confirm progress on upload of neural network, please.”

“Neural upload at fifty-two percent. Expected time to completion: ninety-five hours.”

“Is there any way to do this faster?”

“No sir. I have already run every diagnostic. The human mind is too complex for my own system to transfer any faster. May I suggest you use the next ninety-five hours to get some rest, Sir?”

Lester chuckled and turned his gaze back to the cadaver in front of him. “Tell me, HELA…” He paused before he continued.

“Yes, Sir?”

“Does it bother you that as soon as Quinn awakens inside his new body, you are no longer the smartest and fastest working machine on earth?”

HELA remained silent for a moment before she answered. The quiet beeps and buzzes indicated she was putting together a reply that would not disappoint. “Sir, I was created to help you sort out your quarrel with Griswold. My demise at the rise of something greater is of no importance… you just make sure your new species arrive before Griswold unleashes his.”

A smile tugged at the corners of Lester’s mouth. “Griswold always thought the future of humanity was finite. Let’s prove him wrong, HELA.”


Au Contraire

Liquor Cerebrospinalis


The Face of the Future

Transfer Incomplete



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