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These novels are currently in the query trenches and ready for review/representation. *


Bonds of Blood and Silver
Adult Fantasy/Romance

When two Kings harvest their people in pursuit of immortality, thousands of innocents pray to their Gods for help. However, being the only god left, Skjall stands powerless with divinity balancing on the brink of extinction...

The Tattered Crown
YA Romance/Fantasy

Raven finds herself bruised and battered at the hands of her wicked stepmom. When she escapes with her brother Gareth, the old hag uses her twisted magic to curse them and the waters beyond their home. Now the siblings find their journey is full of danger.  

Adult Science Fantasy/Romance



Wordcount: 118.000

Comp Titles:
The Lion of Senet
(Jennifer Fallon)
A Court of Thorns and Roses
(Sarah J Maas)

Wordcount: 75.000

Special Hashtags: #OwnVoices

Comp Titles:
Bring me Their Hearts
(Sara Wolf)
Serpent & Dove
(Shelby Mahurin)

Wordcount: TBD

Comp Titles:
Firefly X Destiny 2

Shannara Chronicles
Terry Brooks)
Altered Carbon
(Richard Morgan)


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