Partners in Crime

Blogpost: March 20, 2020

Filler Words of Hell

Blogpost: March 15, 2020

To Pitch? Or Not to Pitch?

Blogpost: March 13, 2020

We have never been together more than we are now. Yes, writers,too... Most of us are stuck at home, wondering if toilet paper is going to save us. Some are happily writing... Author Mentor Match, PitMad and RevPit are only the beginning...

Pitfalls... Now what?

Blogpost: February 28, 2020

Self Care for Writers.

Blogpost: February 21, 2020

Character Development.

Blogpost: February 14, 2020

Then my editor came along and pointed me at something that I had completely overseen... Sometimes it's easy to forget that the words need you in order to be written down. Take care of yourself! A story doesn't have to be a mystery/thriller to make use of clues and foreshadowing.

Character Development.

Blogpost: February 7, 2020

The Lone Writer.

Blogpost: January 31, 2020

A guide to making notes.

Blogpost: January 24, 2020

Join me while I take you through 3 basic things you can do to create realistic and believable characters. Writers/authors take part in one of the loneliest occupations in the world... Or are they? Both writers and authors, brand new and veterans alike, have one thing in common: they all scribble down their notes.

Of Band-aids and Axes

Blogpost: January 18, 2020

The 'Sixth'Sense

Blogpost: January 12, 2020

Where to start?

Blogpost: January 6, 2020

Like with every job, every hobby or every task you will ever perform in life, writing asks a great deal of patience and percistence.

What does the smell of wet dog look like? What color is the sound of silence? And what does it sound like when a snowflake touches the ground?

People often ask me if I have tips on how to start with a story. I used to ask myself that very same question, because how, indeed, does one start to a new story?